Love Letters?

Love Letters

Hello my wonderful sex deviants!
In this age overrun with “wyd?” (what you doin?) messages and smirk emoji’s we lost, what I consider, a beautiful art form. Love letters were once a way to share your love for someone through metaphors and other jargon. Now, well you can barely get a text back. This begs the question, what the f**k happened? I do love technology because I’m an impatient person but when it comes to showing our love I feel we have become lazy with our affections.

Major acts of love are so rare when they do occur they end up in the news. I’m not saying that everything you do has to be extravagant but just put some more effort into sometimes. I can buy myself stuff and go to dinner whenever I want so it’s not that special. I don’t know how everyone else feels but things that are more personal are more romantic to me. I am also a sentimental person with a terrible memory so having something written to re-read would be helpful if it’s important.

What is a love letter exactly? Well that depends on what era you’re looking at for reference. Some love letters were between forbidden lovers, others written by poets and novelists to their one true love. Some were essentially erotica written just for that special person. Even Letters written from solders to their spouses and families can be love letters

A love letter can be defined as a letter that has been written for a loved one, so it doesn’t always have to be romantic you can write them for your children. When I say love letter I mean a letter with your deepest feelings and desires for that person, preferably grammatically correct and little to no slang.

I’m not suggesting pages upon pages of poetry, declarations of love and detailed descriptions of my beauty. Just a short summary of your thoughts written in that elegant old fashioned style. That old timey talk was charming okay. I understand why we use slang but I’m kind of tired of trying to keep up with it. A little bit of mushiness on occasion won’t kill you.

There’s also the advantage, if you have a bad break up you can burn the letters if you feel so inclined. Let’s face it aggressively hitting the delete button isn’t nearly as satisfying as ripping and burning things. Or you could keep it to remind you that it wasn’t all bad because sometimes that makes it easier to forgive and move on.

There are so many reasons to bring back love letters in my opinion. Maybe I’m just a sap and they are overrated but I want them anyway. What do you think about the lack of love letters? Are they a lost art that should stay lost?

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