Bad Sex or No Sex

Hello my wonderful sex deviants!
Have you ever heard the saying “sex is like pizza, even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good”?

I mean I don’t think that’s true because I’ve had bad sex and bad pizza, they both give me a stomach ache. What causes bad sex, is it bad chemistry or lack of intimacy? Now you can’t have perfect sex all the time let’s be realistic but you shouldn’t dread it. Having constant bad sex is a waste of energy when you could get a much better result on your own.

Good sex doesn’t always mean an orgasm (occasionally maybe in my opinion) it could mean a connection in some cases. It’s nice to just feel someone’s touch from time to time or to be able to bask in the afterglow of a good f**k. You should look forward to sex because it makes you feel good not tip toe around it with excuses. There are some factors that can’t be helped, that’s not bad sex that’s just bad luck but you can work with it if you try.

When I say bad sex, I mean you lay there staring at the ceiling counting down the seconds until it’s finished or god forbid faking it to end it. Why put yourself through that? You’re essentially a human sex toy at that point so it’s time to step up and get the good sex you’ve always wanted. If not, why bother at all?

Obviously, some people are more sensitive about their performance than others but you don’t have to be blunt (maybe sometimes). If they are amazing in every other way and you want to spare their feelings, you can give hints and queues during the act. If they don’t pick up on it, they either don’t care or they do need to be told straight up because some people aren’t good with hints. Generally, if a person cares about your enjoyment they will be listening for queues so they can please you more and more each time.

Don’t go being selfish though because then they are the one having boring sex. You want to find out their likes and fantasies and you never know maybe you’ll end up liking those things too. Once you know each other better sexually the sex should be better and you’ll start looking forward to it. If it stays bad well then maybe you need to think about what that person is like outside the bedroom.

A good way that some people spot bad sex is from the chemistry of the kiss. If a kiss sucks and doesn’t give you the feeling you want or expected maybe hold off on the sex. Don’t worry sometimes you just need to know a person better before you have a good kiss because let’s face it first meeting and kisses are almost always awkward, for me anyway.

What do you consider bad sex? Do people really think that bad sex is better than no sex at all? I’d rather not be doing it if we’re all not enjoying it but that’s me. How do you feel about comparing sex to pizza? Have you ever eaten pizza while having sex? I feel like that would be messy, I guess if you’re having bad sex you could concentrate and manage a couple of slices.

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