Public Foreplay

Hello my wonderful sex deviants!
Have you ever been out with your bed buddy and wanted to get them hot and bothered for fun? Well I’ve got some news, you can! Mind you some of these ideas your partner will know about, but it’s not a matter of what it’s a matter of when.

If you have a particularly frisky partner a great toy you could use to satisfy the kink monster within is the Lust Linx Ball and Chain by Rocks Off. You won’t be hearing any complains about this ball and chain. It has a remote control that reaches up to a 10 metre radius with a standby mode for those little surprise moments. If you want to up the risk of getting caught you can go swimming because this ball of excitement is fully waterproof. With 4 hours of fun and USB rechargeable the Lust Linx will get you nice and warmed up again and again and again. The chain is also a soft silicone for those who are just discovering their beast. (I don’t often recommend products )

A nice bit of excitement is a quick make out session in an elevator to make you feel like a horny teen all over again maybe a little touchy feely for that extra bit of heat. Obviously, there isn’t much time in elevators to go all the way unless you want to risk emergency stop or you work on the top floor of a big a** building. Please be considerate if there’s others maybe it turns you on but it’s no fun if you’re not invited.

If you’re looking for something subtler even a little brush of the thigh or pressing your chest against their arm. When you’re out for dinner you could “drop” your fork and give a little crotch squeeze. Sit next to each other and slide your hand along their leg teasingly while whispering all the dirty things you want to do to them.

Standing in line? Hug them from behind, rub your man’s chest slowly, give him a light scratch too. Run your fingers along your girl’s sides, brush their hair away from their neck, if it’s long, slowly. The possibilities are endless and once you’re done with your day out you can either tease them so more or just jump right into bed. *

Small light touches and chaste kisses are the spark that ignites my flame. My favorite move is a nice firm a** squeeze with a sultry glance over the shoulder and then to pretend you never did it. Teasing is probably even better than the end game because who doesn’t love a bit of anticipation before the game.

What are some of your public foreplay moves? Any sexy stories about how you just couldn’t wait until you got home? Have you ever used a toy in public and how did you feel about it?

Until next time,


*Please when being overtly sexual in public make sure there are no children in the immediate area, this can be misinterpreted and make parents angry.

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