Love and Sex

Hello my wonderful sex deviants!
There are so many reasons to have sex already but I’m going to tell you some more.

Like the amount of health benefits you can get from a good f**king or just some affection from a loved one if you’re not too horny. Keep in mind I am no Doctor this is just my opinion.

Just after a quick search on the internet and you can find endless articles about the impact sex can have on your overall health. Not just sex though, love can be advantageous whether it’s love from others or self-love.

To reap the benefits of sex you don’t necessarily need a partner (though it’s always more fun with one). According to scientific studies sex and masturbation is good for your heart, can reduce stress and maybe even help fend off illness. Some benefits have something to do with the chemicals that get released into your brain during sex. I won’t go into detail because I’m not an expert.

If you can’t be arsed to find someone to hop into bed with there’s plenty of options out there. For instance, those who own a penis could use Rocks Off masturbator the Rise. It’s shaped so you can hold it to your shaft and, with some water based lube, slide it smoothly until you climax. Let’s not forget that is has 10 vibrating functions for that extra sensation.

For the people with a vagina out there that are a bit on the lazy side, like myself, Rocks Off have a sit-on vibrator called the Ruby Glow. It stimulates the clitoris and the vaginal opening. Each area has a separate control with 10 vibrating functions each. So, you can mix and match your pleasure.

Now sometimes I go through a bit of a phase when I have 0 interest in any sort of sex. Don’t fret because even the love and affection from people you care about can positively affect your health. A study I read about has said that people with strong friendships live longer. Also, a simple hug can lower your blood pressure so cuddles are totally in.

Staying healthy is important, from eating right (whatever that means) to exercising. It’s not all about that though, being surrounded by love and affection can make a big difference too. So, go out have (safe) sex and hug your loved ones.

How much sex would you need to de-stress? I don’t think mine would be achievable.

Until next time,


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