Sweeten things up in the bedroom; Introduce chocolate

Long considered a sexy food and it is commonly used in beginner’s food foreplay along with whipped cream and strawberries. Here’s how you can introduce chocolate into your play.

Feeding Each Other

Dip in some strawberries and feed it to your partner or just pieces of chocolate. This sort of serving dynamic can have a positive effect on your arousal.


Grab some choc sauce and drip it on your partner and sensually lick it off being sure to get every drop. Some good spots to drip chocolate on would be the more sensitive areas like the nipples, neck, stomach and inner thighs. This teasing will make the main event more satisfying.

Make it a Game

Mix in a blindfold and cover your partners eyes, dab melted choc or place pieces on various parts of your body. Then they have to explore your body and find them.

Extra Messy

Maybe you want to just cover yourselves in chocolate and then get to the final, well you can do that. NOTE: Your sheets are gunna get messy!

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