6 tips on how to use your RO-80mm bullet

The RO-80mm is still the world’s number one bullet vibrator. Multi-award winning, and beloved by over 6 million passion seekers like you around the world! Small and discreet for private squeals of pleasure, it slips into a small handbag for thrills on the go. But why not start experimenting with the bullet and trying different things.

1. Solo satisfier

The Ro-80mm is a multi speed bullet. Why not try experimenting with all the settings rather than buzzing straight to your favourite. Let the RO-80mm caress your body from your inner thighs to your outer labia and of course the clitoris. Tip: Turn your bullet horizontally for more coverage and mix up the pinpointing.

2. Creating waves

The RO-80mm is waterproof and fully submersible! Which means you can enjoy the thrill in the bath or shower. Turn your relaxing bubble bath into an orgasmic turn of events!

3. My neck, my back…

Long day? Roll the vibe over tired shoulders and backs to soothe away those aches and pains. However, the massage may be be short-lived as you or your lover will soon be wanting to stimulate your more intimate areas.

4. Foreplay, more play

Let the bullet sex toy become an extension of your hand and stimulate yours, or your lovers neck, lower back, inner thighs and nipples. Alternate gentle strokes with your hands so they feel vibrations sometimes, and just the sensuality of your own touch at other times.

5. oral, oral, oral!

Holding the RO-80mm with your hand just under your jaw while you perform oral sex can give a little boost. For her, let the bullet stimulate her clitoris, or sit the bullet at the entrance to her vagina while you focus your attention on her clit. For him, stroke the bullet over his testicles, or push either the rounded end or its length against his perineum while you focus on his penis. Trace the bullet up and down his shaft, or circle round the tip (carefully!).

6. The main event

There are some positions where the RO-80mm can sit happily in place. Doggy style is a great position for clitoral access, and if the woman props herself up with a pillow, she can easily use the bullet for her own pleasure – and he gets some vibrating pleasure too! Having the girl on top gives the ability to introduce clitoral stimulation to make it even more intense.

Over to you

Tempted to get your hands on the Ro-80mm bullet? You can get yours here!

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