Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying a Sex Toy

Sometimes buying a sex toy can be difficult, whether it’s for you or someone else. We’ve come up with some helpful questions you can ask yourself to make the process a little easier.

Who is it for?

More importantly their anatomy. Some toys are unisex, like our very own Petite Sensations which can be a great beginner’s anal product for men and women. There are toys made for the specific anatomy, like our Hand Solo or Roxy Rabbit, so it’s good to consider this when choosing a toy.

Is this toy for internal or external stimulation?

Depending on what you want to stimulate some rules can apply. For anal toys, you need a wide base to keep the toy in place during play. Small vibrators a great for external use and for teasing other parts of the body. If you are looking for a combination there’s a lot of 2 in 1 toys out there to choose from like the RO-Zen Pro that is a vibrating anal plug and cockring combination. Or for women the Bullet Bunny for vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

What Sweet Spot Do You Want to Hit?

Once you’ve worked out whether you want internal or external stimulation you can think about a specific sweet spot. For women you have the clitoris, vibrators are the most commonly used toy to use or you can also use them on your nipples if you so choose. There is also the G-Spot which can be stimulated with specifically shaped toys that curve in just the right way. Don’t feel like you’re missing out if you’re a male, the P-spot is considered a male G-Spot with specially made Prostate Massagers. There is also the classic part of men, the penis in which you can use our powerful Male Masturbators to get your Rocks-Off.

What are some features you are looking for?

To be a little more specific, do you want power? Is a quiet discreet toy important to you? Do you like to use your toys in the bath/shower? In which case, you would want something waterproof like most of the Rocks-Off products are. Material is also a factor as it can determine which lube you use with the toy, generally water based lube is safe with everything. There are also allergies to be considered, Rock-Off toys are all made of body safe materials.


You have got to be realistic, if you or the person you are buying for has never used a toy before you may not want to jump into the mega sized toys, try something small like the Quest beginner’s prostate massage. For the more experienced user, the Big-Boy Intense’s three spheres of sizeable girth will have your body racing with pleasure.

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