What is a Penis Ring & How Do I Use It?

A penis ring restricts the blood flow of the penis. This allows the man to be harder and stay hard longer, it should also leave him with a more intense orgasm.

There are many benefits of using a penis ring, from harder erections to staying hard to adding vibration they can also spice things up in the bedroom.

How to wear a penis ring

Penis rings can be worn around the shaft or the shaft and testicles. They can be either adjustable or fixed-sized rings that are usually worn at the base of the penis, however sometimes they can also be worn just under the head of the penis or in the middle of the penis.

Plain, vibrating or with added extras?

It can be just a ring, include a vibrating attachment for both men and women pleasure or give anal penetration too. Vibrating rings have what are called “bullets” on them. Some bullets also have nubs, which is a good feature for extra clitoral stimulation when a man is using a ring. Rings that give anal penetration send vibrations to your sensitive perineum to target your prostate externally and raise your pleasure even higher.

Size matters

Rings made from stretchy materials are comfortable, readily available, and you don’t need a precise measurement, which makes them perfect for every man.

Lube it up!

Men should always put lube on the inside of the penis ring. Our intimate water-based lubricant is a good choice, as there is no chance of it damaging the cock ring. Lube also makes it easier to put on and take off the ring.

Not so hard

The ring goes on a flaccid or semi-erect penis. It should slide over the head of the penis onto the base. When you become hard, the ring will feel tighter. The penis should get slightly bigger but not so much that it looks swollen.

All about the base

The ring should sit at the base of the penis around the shaft or the shaft and the testicles. It should feel somewhat tight but not tight enough to hurt. For rings that are designed to go around the balls and the penis, it should be put around the testicles first. First, one testicle goes through and then the other. The head of the penis would then sort of fold down and through the ring. This is where lube really helps as well.

Set a time limit

A penis ring should be used for around 20 minutes. If you start to feel numb or if you see that his skin is discolored, he needs to take off the cock ring immediately.

Go flaccid

When learning how to use a cock ring, you need to learn how to remove it. The cock ring comes off once your penis is soft.

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