How to masturbate well; 5 tips to try πŸ‘‰πŸ’¦


The female orgasm can be an elusive, mystical thing for many women. These tips on how to masturbate will help you get your Rocks-Off!

1. Flick the bean

Stimulating your clitoris is the easiest way to satisfy yourself.Β Caress your vaginal lips, slowly moving towards your clitoris. Continuous, medium pressure moving your fingers in small circles is a very popular technique.

Use a little lubrication to manipulate the way you orgasm.

2. Tease me, please me

Tease yourself as you peak, stop at least three times before you allow the orgasm to happen. The longer you wait, the more powerful it gets.

3. Hitting the spot

To find your G-spot slide a finger into your vagina and bend it so it brushes the front wall. Reach back towards your cervix, then draw your finger along the front of your vagina. Your G-spot is the cluster of skin that stands out and when stimulated can produce an orgasm of very, very heightened intensity.

G-spot vibratorsΒ come in handy here as the best way to stimulate that incredible area.

4. Power shower

Detachable shower heads are a blessing is disguise. Point it against you as you would a vibrator, however be careful of all the water that could be entering your vagina, sometimes it’s good to push to get rid of it, graphic I know!

5. Good vibrations

Your fingers great, but sometimes its good to mix it up! Introducing the vibrator… Placing one directly on the clitoris can be too intense, but positioning it nearby will have an incredible effect. Try it on your labia, too.

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