How to Introduce Sex Toys to Your Relationship

couple use vibrating love egg in a restaurant

So, you’d like to spice up your sex life by introducing sex toys. But, you don’t know how to mention it to your partner. Don’t worry, likelihood is, they’re curious about it too! We’ll tell you the best ways to bring it up in conversations.

Test the waters

You might be watching a film and something sexual comes up regarding sex toys. This is a good time to simply ask “have you ever or used sex toys” or “would you ever use sex toys.” You might be surprised by their answer, carry on the conversation and suggest trying them.

Reassure them

Some people think sex toys only get introduced because you’re not satisfied in the bedroom. Wrong. You can be satisfied, but sex toys mix it up a little. Prevents “routine” in the bedroom, and finding what each other likes is thrilling in itself.

Put your partners mind at ease and make it clear you’re not replacing them. You want to try something new, and discover them with your partner.

Make a deal

They’re still not convinced? Make a deal wit them. Offer them to choose which toys to start with, in fact it doesn’t even need to start with toys. Sexy lingerie can work wonders, small steps to the introduction of toys.

Offer each other the chance to purchase a toy each. Something you think they’ll enjoy.

Have fun

It’s important to remember why you want to try sex toys in the first place. It’s because sex is fun, and you want to make it even more fun!

Don’t take it too seriously, and don’t see it as the be all and end all – sex toys are great, but enjoyable sex with your partner is most important.

Respect their decision

Ultimately, if they decide that sex toys aren’t for them, you need to respect that it just might not be for them right now.

That’s not to say they may not reconsider in the future. Give them all the information you can about why you think it would be fun, plant the seed for future conversations, and leave the rest to them.

You’ve agreed to try out sex toys (YAY!)

But you don’t know where to start? Check out our sex toys for beginners for some inspiration!

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