5 Ways To Improve Your Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships can be tough, but luckily modern technology is making it that little bit easier to be in contact with your partner through images, calls, texts and videos.

Get sexting

This might feel embarrassing at first, but you’ll find your flow in no time. Sexting is the most accessible and discreet way of keeping things hot with your partner as you can do it pretty much everywhere. Tell them what you’re doing if you’re in bed, where you’re touching, what you’d do if they were here. It’ll give you a thrill, and get you going.

Phone sex

Think of phone sex as the LDR equivalent of wearing a blindfold. It’s all about the suspense, the timing, and the heightened senses. Use it to your advantage. Find your phone-sex voice, be yourself and enjoy! Like sexting you can talk about what they can do to you, or what you can do to them, but with more description, more noise and more flirtation.

Skype sex

We all want to see our partners when we’re away from them, thats why Skype (or any other video chat) is great for long distance relationships. Exploring yourself whilst being watched created a whole different kind of hot. You can introduce sex toys, and they can tell you what to do with it. Once you get flowing, you’ll be having Skype sex on the reg.

Send voice clips

If text isn’t good enough, surprise your loved one with a quick audio message. Let them know what you want to do to them, or what you’re doing to yourself. Even better, on iPhones, audio messages can be temporary, which means once it’s gone, your partner will be pondering it all day.

Send pictures

Whether you’re in your underwear, naked or wrapped up in bed. Sending an image out of the blue means that you can stop them in their tracks, and arouse them wherever they may be. And they can do this in return. Pleasuring yourself with a toy before bed? Send him a picture! It’ll set his pulses racing just thinking about you doing it.

NOTE: If you’re in a long distance relationship and are thinking of doing any of the above, be sure that you completely trust the person. Revenge porn is more common than ever, so always think of number 1 before doing anything.

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