Best sex toys for the festival season

Festival season is upon us and a night in a tent never sounded so good! Check out our most discreet toys for when you want to keep the party going!

For the girls

Be bamboozled with this discreet vibrator that to the naked eye innocently looks like your lipstick, no one will know about the good time you’ll be having later. So, pucker up and immerse yourself with its 10 powerful functions for clitoral pleasures from its smooth tapered tip.

Small enough to fit in your bag, the bamboo is the perfect essential to get a thrill once the sun goes down. Don’t just take our word for how good it is, Good House Keeping rated it 72/100!


Let this be the perfect twist to the end of your night, lay back and swirl and in the luxurious thrills and feel the pulsations through your body for an elastic release of passion. Plus, with 7 powerful functions you won’t want to put it down to go and see your favourite acts!


Give in to the power of the G and leave your body trembling with its cleverly angled head and tapered tip, this beauty is designed to help you hit the spot! And with 10 glorious functions, you’ll experience some great pleasures, but keep the noise down the tent next door might wonder what you’re up to!

For the boys

True pleasure knows no compromise for this male masturbator combining innovation and attitude to heighten every intimate encounter. With up to 4 hours of run time you could be having fun with this all night long!



This weapon of mass satisfaction will blow your idea of what pleasure can be to smithereens. Its vibrations emit for each curve of the silicone shaft arousing every part that they touch, and even better it has 3 constant speeds that rise in intensity as well as 7 patterns including slow and fast pulses arranged to help you reach your climax, turning your good day into an even better night!



Give yourself confidence on your quest to find new pleasures. Simulate your nerve endings to add greater satisfaction to your intimate experiences. Whilst it’s ideal for beginners, with its 10 powerful vibration and pulsation levels even the most experienced will love the thrill.

And for the couples as it’s always better when we come together
Lust Linx Ball and Chain

Lust Linx Ball & Chain remote control vibrating love egg

Take control of me. Welcome the thrill of having your partner set your pulses racing when you least expect it. Whether you’re at the bar, watching your favourite band or taking a nap, the power is in your partners hands. Allow them to arouse you from up to 10 metres away and feel your heartbeat racing in delight of your erotic fun and games. Once inserted, the kegel is shaped to massage vibrations through your body and wow your g-spot with every ripple and roll. Find a daring new side to yourselves that will have you both grasping at each other clothes as you stumble back to your tent to carry on the fun!

Ro – Duet


Let me be your fantasy! Spice up the festival in and out the tent with this vibrating love egg. Let her feel scintillating sensations whilst exploring the festival without anyone suspecting. With a wireless remote your partner can control the settings and delight in the sensations! When will it be next? Only your partner knows! So, whether you’re getting a drink at the bar, or chilling by the campfire enjoy passionate adventures with your partner.


Rocks-Off Union couples vibrating cock ring and clitoral stimulator

Come together as one, in complete union. Join you and your favourite squeeze closer together in a fusion of lust with this multi-way cock, ball and clitoral stimulator. Designed to bring close contact pleasure for him and for her in all sorts of way so you can explore, tease and enjoy each other whatever your passion is. With this in your bag, you’ll be clock watching until the last act!

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