Best sex toys to dabble in if you’re a beginner

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So, you’ve decided to dabble into the world of sex toys… good choice!

Now Rocks Off are here to make your first experience one to remember, so we’ve compiled the best sex toys for the beginner. But don’t worry these will still be just as good when you become a pro!

Best sex toys for the beginner girl

Ah the Bullet Bunny, great for teasing the clitoris, even better for a deep penetrative delight!

The rounded head targets your clitoris before you even start to anticipate the many pleasures yet to come. Dip and delve the ribbed grooves below the head and savour every inch of the 4-inch shaft before enjoying the deeper sensation twinned with the soft bunny ears nestling into your clitoris tantalising you to dual sensation orgasms.

Sounds good, right? Well it gets better, when pinpoint clitoral satisfaction is all that’ll suffice, simply remove the silicone shaft to reveal the RO-120mm vibrating bullet. You’ll have hours of fun with the bunny bullet and you’ll want to experience it over and over and over (okay, you get the point) again.

Best sex toys for the beginner boy


Ooh, the O-Boy, the name says it all, right? With its slim angled head to ease insertion and its silicone shaft to help you find the right fit, it’s five inches of perfection. Its sit and rock design frees your hands making it easier to stimulate yourself (or your partner) for even greater intimacy and stronger orgasms – who wouldn’t want more of them?

But that’s not all, for added thrills the soft raised nodules simultaneously massage your perineum to offer you dual satisfaction. You won’t need worry about the O-boy slipping out, its bulbed neck prevents this whilst helping to channel exhilarating vibrations into sensitive nerve endings! Could it get any better? Well… yes, it can, it also has 7 functions to exhilarate the senses and leave you wondering how you went so long without it!

Best sex toys for the beginner couples


Wanting to spice up your sex life with your partner? Look no further, we’ve got you covered with the Feranti Teaze n Pleaz set! (I know the name says it all!). There’s not just one toy to set your pulses racing, there’s three! First up is the RO-80mm vibrating bullet that’s set to wow with its 7 sinful settings to tantalise your hot spots. It’s soft tapered tip channels stronger vibrations to where they’re craved the most!

Next up is the finger tingles, operated by the vibrating bullet, it’ll turn yours or your partners finger into a vibrating wonder so you can bask in long, hot clitoral orgasms! And who wouldn’t want that? But, let’s be fair, the girls can’t have all the fun, that’s why the bullet also operates the 4US. Its clever shape lets you both feel the vibrations during your most intimate moments! Designed to slip on with ease and sit comfortably around the base of the penis. It’ll provide double the fun for both you and your partner.

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