Best sex toy for the experienced male

When you’re a male thats experienced in the world of sex toys you want something thats going to give you pleasure like no other…

*Drum roll* Introducing the Fuzion Xchange..

sex toy fuzion xchange

Ahh, two toys in one, does it get any better? I’m sure you’ve all had the problem of what you’d rather… prostate massager or an anal and perineum massager – tough choice right? Well that’s why the Fuzion Xchange dual action vibrator has made such a fuss. It gives you the best of both worlds and leaves you spoilt for choice. Which one to start with? We’re going to go with the curve.

Allow it to take your pleasure to the highest pinnacle with this prostate massager. With its three exquisite vibrations and seven pulsation settings,it’ll give you an array of options to help you achieve prolonged gratification whether you’re riding solo or couple’s play. The curves prostate shaft and perineum base unlocks for discreet charging and thorough cleaning, allowing you to revisit pleasures summit again and again!

Part two of the Fuzion Xchange is the oval; a seductive due intimate massager. The silhouette prolongs your pleasure building you to an explosive effortless orgasm again and again. Once again it comes with three vibration and seven pulsating settings to take you to your pinnacle of pleasure. The Ovals un-lockable plug and perineum base allows for the utmost discretion both at home and on the move.

And finally.. (I know what you’re thinking, how can it get any better?) the Fuzion Xchange comes with a little remote so that you can control the pace in which it vibrates or pulses sending allowing you to send your body into overdrive!

It’s also been awarded Most Innovative at AdultEx 2017 and Most Innovative New Product by ETO Awards! 🏆

Why not add the Rise into the mix for extra pleasure and indulge in your deepest desires!

Have you dabbled in the Fuzion Exchange?

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