Lube: Benefits of using it during sex

Ahhh, lubricant. Some people never use it, whilst others can’t live without it. But what’s the point of it? Let us open your eyes to the many wonders of lube!

1. Banishes dryness and makes sex easier

2. Flavoured lubricants can make oral sex ore fun and way safer. Using products such as whipped cream and chocolate can cause infection.

3. You can double your pleasure with a sex toy/lube mix

4. If a man is well endowed, it can make the experience more pleasant.

5. Helps to stop the condom splitting. And if a man puts it on before the condom it can make sex more pleasurable.

6. It prevents infections. Friction from lube-less sex causes heat which encourages bacterial growth (ouch) so less friction and more lubricant makes it all worthwhile.

7. Keep you going longer. Again due to friction, sex can become painful, but with a little bit of lubricant friction is banished meaning that you can go for more rounds!

8. Finally what we were all hoping for… A study by Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health found that using a lubricant makes it 50% easier – for both women and men – to orgasm. (YAY! Pass me the lube!)

Over to you

If you’re ready to get your lube on, check out our rejuvenating water-based, non-staining silk lubricant has been made with both your pleasure and comfort in mind.

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