Curious about bondage? Everything you need to know…

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Bondage involves consensually tying, binding, or restraining a partner for erotic, aesthetic and/or somatosensory stimulation.

A Yougov poll carried out in February 2016 found that over 12 million  Brits have been tied up for sex! Kinky, but why is bondage so alluring

Drop hints

Many people are put off experimenting with bondage because they don’t know how to broach the subject with their partner. Plant the seed in your partner’s mind that it might be something you want to try. Getting them used to the idea might change their perspective a little bit.


Bondage requires a surrender of control, by the restrained partner to the active partner. So it’s really important to establish a safety word before you begin. Use an out of the ordinary word that wouldn’t usually be used in the bedroom. A popular safety word is “pineapples” this one word means all partakers know that there’s complete trust in the scenario, and you know that just saying one word will stop play immediately. Don’t used words such as “no” as these could be overlooked when said.

Simplicity is key

Start out simple. Before introducing loads of tools in the bedroom, start with a simple blindfold. Covering your partner’s eyes creates a barrier allowing you to getting closer to them. Exploring the way things feel, and listening to each other’s body language. You can watch your partner and see how they respond to various touches.

Go first

Volunteering to go first nips apprehension in the bud. Suggest wearing the blindfold allowing them to experiment with your body. Express how good it feels, it’ll get them more interested and make them more likely to experiment more.

I got the right temperature

There are plenty of things in the household you can introduce to spice things up. Temperature control is a great way to experience new feels. Ice cubes moved across the body tantalises the senses as does warm honey.

Time to tie

Restraint can be as simple as holding your partners arms where you want them. If you’re on top, try pinning their arms to the mattress. If they like you having that control you can suggest the introduction of handcuffs and velcro. This will leave hands free to explore and play with your partner.

Have fun, respect each other and take each other seriously!

Try bondage for yourself

Why not try our Slap n Tickle to get commence your bondage.

6 tips on how to use your RO-80mm bullet

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The RO-80mm is still the world’s number one bullet vibrator. Multi-award winning, and beloved by over 6 million passion seekers like you around the world! Small and discreet for private squeals of pleasure, it slips into a small handbag for thrills on the go. But why not start experimenting with the bullet and trying different things.